The Lake and Wilderness

Welton lake and the adjoining Wilderness, dating from the 18th-century, are currently the subject of a planning approval to build 3 houses
In the early part of 2019, developers removed all fish stocks from the lake. Shortly afterwards, the lake water was drained and a gulley excavated in the far-side bank to stop the lake from refilling however, since then, building work has largely been suspended.
As of 21 Nov 2020, things seem to moving forward again, and the Parish Council advise that:
  • Tree maintenance and undergrowth management is due to commence imminently.
  • Groundwork of the build is expected to commence early December.
See the Parish Council minutes for background information, and visit the Facebook page for additional information and a collection of photographs.
The Wilderness, Welton

The Wilderness, Welton

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