Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood planning was introduced under the Localism Act to give members of the community a more hands on role in the planning of their neighbourhoods. It enables communities to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and deliver the sustainable development they need through planning policies relating to the development and use of land.

The local community can decide what to include in a neighbourhood plan, but it must meet the following ‘Basic Conditions’:

  • Must have regard to national planning policy and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State
  • Must contribute to the achievement of sustainable development
  • Must be in general conformity with strategic policies in the development plan for the local area (i.e. the Local Plan)
  • Must be compatible with EU obligations and human rights requirements 

Once made and adopted the neighbourhood plan will be part of the statutory development plan and will be used in determining decisions on planning applications.

The Neighbourhood Plan for Welton was made and adopted in Jan 2019. Details can be viewed here.

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